Becoming Plume: Why We’re Changing Our Name After 6 Years

October 23, 2023

We’ve built our name in the industry by ruffling feathers; we’ve earned our place by growing a flock of like-minded lawyers, and, we’ve cemented our impact by helping fast-growth scaleups in the UK to soar. That’s why today we’re excited to announce our evolution from Stephenson Law into Plume.

Let’s dive into the stepping stones that brought us to today.

A colourful history of ruffling feathers

When we came to life in 2017, we did so with a mantra: be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. Our Founder, Alice Stephenson, had grown weary of the dull and drab traditions of lawyer life and founded the firm with a belief that creativity, self-expression, and diversity would be the making of a great legal business. And so, the company was born.

Since then, the firm has become synonymous with defying the status quo, innovating on ancient traditions, and showcasing a new and colourful way of accessing legal services.

In 2021, this resulted in winning the Innovate UK award, launching disruptive technology award-winner Flamenco, and receiving placements in Forbes and The Female Lead.

The following year, we went on to release the first NFT in history to be exchangeable for legal advice, while continuing to build on our collection of game-changing legal subscriptions. This included an exciting rebrand for the business which encapsulated our belief in doing things differently. We parked the greys of the legal world and instead embraced the colour, quirk, and difference that represent the best parts of this industry.

Finally, in 2023, we launched Springbird IP, as a proud culmination of our efforts to back lawyers to challenge the status quo. Headed up by Stephenson Law alumni, Laura West, the business now protects household brands like Gymshark and Fever-Tree - continuing our tradition of bolt-on, cost-effective, and scaleup-friendly subscriptions.

Today, thanks to our colourful history, we proudly protect businesses who, like us, craved a new era of legal services.

The evolution of the flock: #HumanLawyers

It’s taken us half a decade to get to where we are today, and, like many other UK scaleups, we’ve weathered our fair share of storms to get here. That’s why today is a particularly historic moment for us, as we let go of the name we began with and step into something more fitting to who we are today.

At the heart of everything we do, is a passionate belief in change for the better. It’s reflected in how we treat our clients, our people, and our approach to the wider world. It’s shaped our culture, our legal services, and even our voice as a business. And, it continues to fuel our purpose: to redefine the world of legal services and to provide a home for human lawyers.

The heart of that purpose has been driven by compassionate, creative, and intelligent solicitors - both within and without our team - who have consistently built the #HumanLawyer community over the last few years. When the business was first founded in 2017, the landscape looked immeasurably different, with little room for “human lawyers” in the legal world.

Today, the #HumanLawyer community is thriving, resulting in happier clients, happier lawyers, and a more hopeful career path for the next generation of solicitors.

That’s why we’re finally letting go of our founding title, in favour of Plume: to put our commitment to feather-ruffling into the very heart of our name.

Plume’s purpose today

We’re a collection of human lawyers, redefining the world of legal services. This looks like cost-effective legal subscriptions that revolve around client needs. It looks like clear language, transparent fees, and airtight legal support - so businesses can understand their legal protections with crystal clarity. And, it looks like empowered legal teams, free to express themselves and work in ways that ultimately, make them happier.

Wondering how Plume can help you? Explore our Flamingo Subscription, a bolt-on legal service that provides responsive legal expertise - without the legalese.

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