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Financial regulation

We’re experts in financial services regulatory law. With legal opinions, regulatory applications, due diligence, contractual analysis and more, we’ve got you covered.

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Commercial advice

We provide a range of finreg compliant commercial advice such as tech vendor contracts, supply to banks and other financial institutions, payment ecosystem agreements and more.

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Intellectual property

Whether it’s discussing IP strategy, arranging commercial or intra-group IP licences, or ensuring your agreements and internal processes provide you with sufficient protection for your IP, we can help.

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Our scaleup-focused corporate team can help with your day-to-day corporate requirements, such as updating company articles, drafting shareholder agreements, or assisting with company secretarial issues.

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Data protection

Our DP team absolutely love helping companies understand, organise and manage their data protection processes and risks, and can provide practical support on a range of contractual and day-to-day data protection issues.

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As your business faces new opportunities aided by innovative technologies, it’s important to have a team of lawyers you can count on to stay on the pulse of any legal updates.

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Our subscription helps fintech businesses who need regular legal support

Need an extra helping hand? Designed specifically to help fintechs focus on what they do best, our flamingo subscription equips financial technology disruptors with lawyers who know their world, inside and out.

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Our team is made up of fintech, finreg and blockchain specialists who have navigated countless businesses through their scale up journey. We love getting to know every one of our clients and seeing them through to success, which is why we’re such a trusted legal partner in our industry.

Anna Przewoznik, Head of Fintech
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