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Ready to set up shop in the UK? Our experienced lawyers can take you every step of the way.

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If you’re a non-UK company looking to establish a presence in the UK, then look no further.

In collaboration with our trusted and like-minded partners, we make the process of setting up shop in the UK a breeze, so you can focus on strategy and execution.

What we can help with

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Visas for non-UK nationals and immigration obligations

Our employment team are business immigration specialists, and can help clients with sponsorship license applications. If you're looking for something a little more in-depth, we have partnered with fellow law firm Eversage who can help your business ensure it's complying with immigration obligations. Eversage are particularly experienced with work visas together with Global Talent visas, applications made under family routes and nationality matters.

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UK subsidiary incorporation

Once we’ve got the information we need, we can incorporate a company within a matter of days – sometimes even on the same day, if needed. We can also arrange a registered office and mail forwarding service if you don’t yet have a UK office.

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Company secretarial support

Rather than having to learn about UK company law, we can provide you with an outsourced company secretarial service through our FlamingoSec subscription.

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Employment and HR

Navigating UK employment can be a challenge for non-UK companies, but with the support of our savvy employment lawyers you won’t need to worry!

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UK contracts and compliance advice

Our expert commercial, technology and data protection lawyers can help you adapt your standard terms for the UK market and ensure you stay on the right side of the law

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Day-to-day legal support

If you have a need for day-to-day legal support for your UK operations, check out our Flamingo subscription service. It provides a flexible and transparent way of getting the support you need, when you need it.

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UK bank accounts

We can help you find the right UK bank account for your business and facilitate the often painful account opening process on your behalf.

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Payroll services

We can arrange a UK payroll service with Pento to ensure that the correct taxes are paid to HMRC on time, without fuss and with the support of CIPP qualified experts. Pento is where the best payroll software meets the best of outsourcing.

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Tax consultancy

Our tax partners, Cooper Parry, can provide you with tax advice regarding corporation tax, transfer pricing and more.

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Options for UK employees

We’ve advised numerous non-UK companies on granting tax-advantaged Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share options to UK employees under a UK ‘sub-plan’.

Cooper Parry can help you agree a valuation with HMRC.

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Accountancy support

Through our partnership with  Smooth Accounting , your parent company accountants can get support with UK bookkeeping, VAT and corporation tax returns and the submission of year-end accounts to Companies House. Smooth Accounting couple in-house accounting expertise with exciting technological advancements to make sure that clients have tailored advice and meaningful data to make important business decisions.

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Market access support

Through our sister company Macaw, we can help you to better understand the UK market opportunity for your business through benchmarking studies, competitor analysis and strategy development.
Cooper Parry can help you agree a valuation with HMRC.

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Regulatory Authorisations

If you want to perform regulated financial services activities in the UK then our team of FinReg experts can hep you complete the forms and go through the authorisation process with the FCA. Our regulatory compliance specialists can help you put in place compliance frameworks and deal with day-to-day compliance issues.

Why us?

We believe 21st century ideas deserve 21st century support. Our clients enjoy fit-for-purpose legal services that allows them to push the envelope while protecting their business from risk.

We've become known for our award-winning innovations and our in-depth expertise, spanning across corporate law, regulatory matters, data protection, employment, and intellectual property. As industry experts we're equipped to support businesses set up shop in the UK, from blockchain technology change-makers to earth-saving edtechs.