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Data protection health check

Get the green light on your data health.

Handing personal data is part of your business model,
but it comes with risk

Failing to meet regulatory requirements with personal data is risky business.

From privacy leaks shattering consumer trust to hefty fines hitting you where it hurts, mismanagement of personal data can result in a host of problems that can be hard to control once they’ve come to the surface.

It’s also a key concern for many potential investors and acquirers, making it hard for your business to grow (and subsequently exit) if you haven’t done the legal legwork.

A three step process

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Complete our fact-finding questionnaire, where we deep dive into your data and its potential pitfalls.

2 yellow

An in-depth discussion with our data protection experts on the results of your questionnaire.

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Receive your report with high-level advice on what needs to be done next.

We currently use Plume for our small business and have had a great experience! They are knowledgeable, professional and answer in a timely fashion. Would recommend!

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CMO, SmashCo

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Why us?

We nerd out on data protection (someone has to!)

Our team possesses over two decades of experience when it comes to data, privacy, and the strategies required to protect you from the dreaded data breach, and it shows.

Their careers have been built upon protecting clients and their customers, and they're on a mission to equip clients with the tools needed to use and understand data, safely.

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