It's a human thing

Custom services to help your business grow. Whether you're a founder building brilliant ideas, or in-house counsel scaling a new challenge, we provide solutions bespoke to you. Put simply, we're helping the humans behind the business.

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Directors & CEOs

The long-term strategy of the business rests in your hands. Let us lighten the load with a reliable legal strategy and up-to-date expertise.

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You're building the architecture of your business, scaling key hurdles, and bringing a vision to life. We help you do so with the backing of a future-focused legal team.

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HR professionals

The welfare of the business and its people rests with you. We help you build teams, face key challenges, and scale safely with legally sound advice.

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In-house legal teams

In-house legal teams have enough on their plate. We act as a bolt-on extension of your legal function, and create capacity for you to focus on the next big thing.

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Sales teams

You're on a mission to seal the deal, however, the last thing you need is legal providing blockers. We support you with commercially minded support that gets you and the business a better deal.

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Ensuring the smooth running of a scaleup isn’t easy. Whether that’s implementing new processes, supporting core teams, or preparing for the road ahead, ops teams enact the world’s most impressive juggling act.

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As the financial maestro of the business, you do a lot more than manage the purse strings. Infamously obliged to wear many hats, you take charge of ongoing cash flow, financial planning, key reports and strategic pivots.