Managing a business isn’t easy; from driving strategic and operational decisions to ensuring a company meets its statutory obligations.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the impact it can have on a business when a board lacks a reliable legal partner that can steer the business away from risk and ensure that the business is compliant on all fronts.

That’s why we’re the trusted partner for directors and CEOs in countless scaleup businesses.

Why you need good lawyers on your team:

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Make decisions confidently while protecting the interests of stakeholders

As a business grows, the need to implement good corporate governance practices becomes increasingly important. This can include amending articles of association to provide protections for shareholder interests, advising on breaches of company law (and rectifying issues!) or advising on potential disputes between directors and shareholders.

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Cut down the to-do list with company admin

Annual confirmation statements. Director appointments. Share issues and transfers. Statutory registers. Get this stuff right and you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run. From closing investment rounds to granting share options and beyond, leave this stuff to a trusted legal partner so that you can carry on with the strategy of the business.

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Stay in control of your data

In a world where personal data breaches, subject access requests and fines are rife, it’s crucial to know where to turn to in moments of crisis. Our lawyers can perform an audit and data mapping of your business, allowing you to review your data security with confidence. With our support, you can have confidence in your systems and help in handling any issues that pop up.

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Support across your business

Lawyers tend to have specialisms: from employment to corporate matters, to data protection. Niche expertise plays to your advantage, as business departments enjoy a depth of knowledge surrounding the intricacies of their field. This works in your favour, because your lawyers will understand the department they are supporting, inside and out.

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Fuel your scaleup growth

Whether you’re thinking about raising funds to take your scaleup to the next level or preparing your company for an exit, a good team of lawyers will be able to support any growth plans you have and set your business up in the best possible way for you to reach your goals.

Equip your business with the ongoing legal support it needs

Your business might not be at a stage where it wants to employ lawyers in-house, or you might be at a stage where you’re growing so quickly, your legal team are struggling with capacity.
We’ve created the Flamingo Subscription for businesses that need the full power and expertise of a law firm, on demand, at a transparent price.

Lawyers that intimately understand your business:

Because of the nature of our subscription, we get to know you and your team and can get under the hood of what’s going on. As a result, we can advise you with a laser focus on the needs of your business.

Acting fast:

Forget the calls, quotes, and paperwork… when you’re part of our subscription we can get to work straight away.

Crystal clear cost for scaleup businesses:

We understand that being a scaleup means balancing costs and profitability (we’re a scaleup ourselves!). That’s why we’ve made our subscription as cost-effective and transparent as possible.

Discover our Flamingo Subscription

Client spotlight:

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"Stephenson Law has been a great partner as our external counsel. They have provided excellent advice and support over the years on both contracting and data protection issues, we really see them as an extension of our team at ActiveViam. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Allen Whipple
Managing Director

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