As the financial maestro of the business, you do a lot more than manage the purse strings. Infamously obliged to wear many hats, you take charge of ongoing cash flow, financial planning, key reports and strategic pivots. The business places its trust in you to steer the financial strategy of the company - but who do you rely on? When it comes to regulatory reporting, ambitious new projects, and a risk-free day-to-day, you need a lawyer that understands your goals - and how to implement them.

How we support finance teams

Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @flowbase

Balance more than the spreadsheet

You’ll be responsible for the flow of cash throughout the business, from tackling invoices, to monitoring the financial health of the company. As a result, the company’s financial liability will be in your lap. Is the company meeting all of its financial obligations? Does it have favourable payment terms to streamline the process? Or can you spot hiccups on the horizon? We help you balance cash flow with the backing of an expert legal team.

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Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @flowbase

Secure investment

It’s likely you’ll look to seek investment at some point in your scaleup journey. To do so, you’ll need a legal partner that understands the due diligence process, how to maximise the value of your business, and how to streamline the investment process. Our corporate law experts work with you to give your business the best possible chance of success, at a transparent price that makes budgeting simple.

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Scale reporting and regulatory hurdles

Depending on the nature of your business, you’re likely to face an ever-evolving stream of regulatory hurdles. From record keeping to reporting, you’ll need to be squeaky clean on the legal end of things, in addition to staying informed on changes to the financial landscape. We do the work for you, monitor the regulatory horizon, and ensure you’re up to scratch, every time.

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Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @buckybn

Growing headcount in the business

As your business scales, so too will your team. We work with you to create employment contracts, employee handbooks, and a legally airtight hiring process. And, if anything goes sour, we’ve got your back.

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Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @buckybn

Strategic planning

It falls to you to plan the financial direction of the business, and as a result, you are a pivotal part of steering the executive team. From giving the financial green light on projects to putting a foot down on risky moves, you’ll need to keep an eye on the future, to make decisions about today. Our regulatory experts ensure you have the most up-to-date information available, allowing you to make decisions backed by legal.

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