From creating that first MVP to receiving your first payment, the founder journey is full of twists, turns, celebrations and hurdles. We would know, because we’ve gone through the process ourselves! Since inception, we’ve gone through accelerator programs, pivoted, won grant funding and trialled (with errors!) various services… all to get where we are today.

That’s why we’re best placed to support founders in their journey, and give their businesses the best opportunity to succeed.

Relationships with your team or co-founders

In the early days, getting the right people on board to help you grow your business can be a hard one: How much of a pay cut are they willing to take? How much risk appetite do they have? More likely than not, founders will look at various share incentives to offer their team. We can help you structure these incentives, including assisting with vesting schedules and any agreements you’d like to put in place.

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Setting up shop: Where to begin?

Structuring a business is unique to every company. You’ll need to think about what structure suits you best and who is best suited to be on your board of directors. We can help you with bespoke articles of association and prepare the documents you need such as shareholders’ agreements.

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  • 5 things founders should know about shareholders’ agreements
Getting cash in the bank

Funding rounds can inspire dread and excitement, all at once. It’s the moment to get cash in the bank to scale your idea and bring in some fantastic investors who can help you on your growth journey. Whether you’re looking at seed funding, angel investment, venture capital or private equity, we help founders detangle the workings of funding rounds and support you on your journey.

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Exit strategies

So what’s the end game? We help you plan for your exit strategy, from structuring your business to advising on earn-outs to calling on our partners to plan for tax-efficient schemes.

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  • 7 things founders can do to prepare their business for exit
  • 5 key tax considerations when selling a business

Founders who need ongoing legal support

Beyond the nitty-gritty and basics of setting up a business, we understand that some founders need a legal partner who they trust, who knows their business, and who can help them scale from idea all the way to exit. Our central service, the Flamingo Subscription, was built to give founders just that.

The price of an employee for more expertise

One fee that covers all of our expertise: From funding rounds and employment, to sales contracts and data protection.

The backing of a law firm that has worked with some of the largest tech businesses

Our lawyers have guided some of the largest household names through their growth journey, and we’ll be there for yours too.

By your side, all the way

Having a law firm that knows your business inside-out can flag any risks that lay ahead and make sure you grow safely and strategically.

Predictable costs at a price-sensitive point of your journey

Our subscription can be monthly, quarterly or annually, meaning you can be reassured exactly what costs lay ahead.

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Founder spotlight: Albert Azis-Clauson, CEO and founder of UnderPinned

“In fast-paced companies having highly communicative, down-to-earth, and proficient legal counsel is a must and during my time as an entrepreneur, I’ve worked with a lot of lawyers from many firms. My experience with Plume is without doubt the best. As a CEO in the high-growth tech startup sector, my experience of legal work had been one of stress, complication, and unnecessary expense until I met the flock. If you're hesitant, don't be. They will get you where need to get to, safely and with a smile.”

Albert portrait
  • Crowdcube fundraise
  • Raised funds through the future fund convertible loan
  • Drafted a partnership agreement between UnderPinned and his customers
  • Advance subscription agreements
  • Employment advice

Looking for help to get started?

We are oh-so-aware of the number of emails, LinkedIn requests, letters and introductions founders receive from lawyers. Choosing the right law firm can be a real challenge, and founders will need to weigh up cost, expertise and trust in the firm.

There’s a reason that we’re the chosen law firm recommended by Venture Capitalists, accelerators and workplaces…

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“They were a little bit more expensive than SeedLegals would have been, but not by much at all. For the quality and full service, it's more than worth it and one of the best decisions we've made in the run up to our raise. Our advice is look no further!”

Eliot Wood

Sales Director & Co-founder


“The overall nature of the deal was complex, time consuming and needing a lot of negotiation but it was refreshing to work with lawyers who seemed to have a new world feel about them that I think must be rare in the legal world.”

Mark Warrick

CEO & Founder
The Implicit

“Quickly understood my requirements, carried out a thorough review of the facts and produced a user friendly reference document tailored to my business which demonstrated a strong grasp of the commercials”

Charlotte Ashton

Founder & Director
Grace and Green

“Plume are a wonderful, professional and caring law firm.”

Frances Lucraft

CEO & founder

“Excellent firm. Professional and ideal for start-ups”

Joe Lines

CEO & Co-founder

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