Ensuring the smooth running of a scaleup isn’t easy. Whether that’s implementing new processes, supporting core teams, or preparing for the road ahead, ops teams enact the world’s most impressive juggling act.

While operations keep the business running, they need a legal partner that can understand their needs, keep up with their pace, and protect them where it matters most. Nothing says “organisation” than having a legal partner in your back pocket for when you need it most.

We make sure you don’t drop the ball

Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @flowbase

Make sure your business operates without risk

The last thing you need to deal with is a hefty fine or the damaging of your companies reputation. Ensure that your foundations are robust, from secure contracts with your customers to data-compliant privacy notices. We ensure operations teams can rest easy, with the knowledge they’re standing on solid ground.

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Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @flowbase

Talent in the business is key

It’s not easy attracting the right talent. We can support your business with employee handbooks and employment policies that empower you and your staff, help attract new team members and be on hand to help if anything goes wrong.

Download: The basics of employment

Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @buckybn

Manage the day like a well-oiled machine

As the glue that keeps the business together, you’ll support countless teams on a daily basis. From welcoming new hires to empowering core staff, you’ll have plenty on your plate. The last thing you need is a legal hiccup slowing you down. We act as an extension of your team so that you can focus on the day-to-day.

Download: How does a legal subscription work?

Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @buckybn

Take charge of key projects

Perhaps the CEO wants to pivot to a different strategy. Perhaps HR is revamping onboarding. Or perhaps, your tech team are ready to migrate the business to something bigger and better. Whatever it is, you’ll be the engine that materialises these projects. You need a legal partner that can quickly spring into action, with an understanding of how your business works and where it wants to go. You take the lead, and we’ll protect the periphery.

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Antonio Sjorgen

Developer @buckybn

Plan for the future

Aside from keeping the company ticking, you’ll also be an important part of planning for the company’s future. You’ll work closely with the executive team to strategise for the next phase of the company’s growth, and it will fall to you to figure out what needs to happen to make the strategy a reality. From implementing infrastructural changes to ensuring the business has the tools it needs to scale, you’ll need a legal partner that can help you understand the legal components of a shift. From protecting the business from risk to complying with regulatory obligations, we ensure your future doesn't face a hurdle.

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