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Human lawyers, redefining the world of legal services

Our story

Filled with archaic traditions, nauseating legalese, and suits that belong in the dark ages, the legal profession has become a bit of a stereotype. And why wouldn’t it? As one of the world’s oldest professions, it’s easy to get stuck in old habits.

Alice launched Plume in 2020 with a mission that went beyond law. She wanted to support businesses with jargon-free legals that provided solutions instead of blockers. Not only that, but Alice wanted to redefine what legal services look like, humanising lawyers in the process.

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Powered by our people
and our purpose

We took one look at the status quo and decided it wasn’t for us. Our clients deserve to work with lawyers of the modern age and we're here to pave a better way. No stuffy suits. No legal jargon. And no unexpected fees. Just quality legal expertise that empowers others to break the mould.

Plume is an unregulated legal services provider, a home for human lawyers, and the legal partner of businesses who share our desire to flip their industries on their head.

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What people say about us

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"Great work with Stephenson Law and the amazing work it does for clients, but also for the work it does in challenging the status quo, breaking down the barriers many face in the profession and for making positive changes"

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"They are by far (in my humble opinion) the most progressive Law firm on the planet!"

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"You are all continuing to shape the legal industry to be more creative, compassionate, and (most significantly) human. Keep breaking down barriers - your reach is further than you may realise"

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"Razor sharp, witty and pretty savvy when it comes to the chain"

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"You are without a doubt the COOLEST law firm ever, and we love working with you"

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"Plume's ability to support our various contracts, as we have expanded both into other sectors and in size and scale, has been invaluable."

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"As a CEO in the high growth tech startup sector, my experience of legal work had been one of stress, complication, and unnecessary expense until I met the flock."


Our purpose is simple:
we empower lawyers to challenge the status quo

Be delightful

Legal services and lawyers have a bad rep, but we’re on a mission to change all that. We take pride in going above and beyond for our clients and each other, ensuring we all feel cared for and in safe hands.

Work like flockwork

We believe great things happen when the right people come together. We collaborate with each other, our clients and our partners to achieve the best results for everyone.

Keep learning

Our clients don't stand still, and neither do we. We push boundaries, innovate our industry, and challenge ourselves to continuously grow.

Embrace the hustle

We all have a part to play in growing our business and those of our clients. That’s why we move forward with an open heart and open eyes, welcoming the hard work and ideas of our flock, industry, and clients.

Move boldly

Growing a business requires brave decision-making. That’s why we don't believe in sitting on the fence; instead we say it how we see it - to our clients and each other.