Best Tools for Time-Strapped CEOs and Directors

December 6, 2022

CEOs and Directors are short of one thing: time. Time to complete tasks, time to deal with issues, time to innovate… heck, finding time to think is even tricky. In the age of automation, technological advancements, and new-fangled creations, you would think we’d have created a way to be in more than one place at once.

Alas, we have a few more years to go before we can successfully clone ourselves. So what’s the next best thing? Below we’ve included our top tools for time-strapped CEOs and Directors. From managing time and resources to managing our own emotions, we outline some of the best tools available for senior leaders.

Managing Tasks: Trello and Notion

While pen and paper have their place, they’re not ideal for keeping track of the to-do list. Senior leaders are incumbent with a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from the day-to-day pressures of the business to strategically tackling the future of the firm. So what’s available?


Trello first took form back in 2011, and since its official inauguration in 2014, it has taken the world by storm. The web-based Kanban-style application allows time-strapped teams to organise projects, collaborate on work, and steadily move through the to-do list. Better yet, Trello is perfect for small businesses seeking a solution without breaking the bank.


Looking for something a little more bespoke? Enter, Notion. Founded in 2018, Notion’s meteoric rise to success has been unsurprising, thanks to its next-generation approach to project management. Featuring highly customizable no-code elements, Notion not only allows you to map out the to-do list but features reminders, bespoke project cards, content calendars, collaborative notetaking - the list goes on. Better yet, it wraps it all up in an easy-to-use aesthetically pleasing format that slots easily into your daily schedule. Nifty.

Managing Time: Calendly

Keeping track of your calendar is a feat and a half. Between product demos, board meetings, and interview slots, the day can quickly get away from you. Worse yet, you run the risk of double-booking meetings, missing key talks, and frustrating the very people trying to get in touch with you. So how can you reshape your calendar into something that’s low-maintenance, all the while ensuring your time is used effectively?

Founded in 2013, Calendly describes itself as an “intuitive scheduling platform”, but it achieves much more than that. The platform not only allows you to offer prospects a branded booking interface that puts your best foot forward, but it also allows you to set out “focus time” slots, encourage teams to vote on the best available times, and empowers clients to self-serve booking slots. In simple terms? The digital secretary of your dreams.

Managing resource: Agency Subscriptions

Despite best efforts, CEOs and Directors can’t do it all, and they shouldn’t be expected to. However, life in a fast-growth business demands adaptability and you never quite know what project is next around the corner. One minute you’re preparing to launch a product, the next, you’re getting ready to raise seed investment. However, the volatility of the business can often make it hard to plan for resources. For example, you may need an investment specialist today, but will you need one tomorrow? 

That’s where bolt-on teams can become particularly useful. At a set price, you can access the expertise you need - when you need it. Perhaps you’ll need a marketing agency on a short-term basis, perhaps you’ll need a developer to see you through a big launch, or, perhaps you’ll need a plug-in legal team to get you to the next stage of the business. 

Our Flamingo Subscription is designed with just this in mind. For a transparent fee, we ensure CEOs and Directors are equipped with the legal support they need, across a broad spectrum of expertise. From ad-hoc employment issues, to raising investment, to keeping up with data protection compliance, our team has you covered.

Flamingo subscription

Simplifying Complexity: StructureFlow

We don’t need to tell you: corporate transactions are complex. And, consequent of their complexity, mistakes can be made. For CEOs and Directors, tasked with steering complex matters within the business, it can often feel a little like finding a needle in a haystack. 

If only there was a tool that made the bird’s eye view of a business a breeze…

Founded in 2016, StructureFlow is a visual modelling tool with a crystal clear mission: to simplify complexity. And, in doing so, it has built a tool that allows senior leaders to park the spreadsheets, in favour of a visual tool that simplifies corporate structuring. In simple terms, StructureFlow’s innovation empowers senior teams to make better decisions, more efficiently. Nice.

Coping: Headspace

Acting as a CEO and Director has its challenges, from the day-to-day obligations of the role to the ongoing pressures that come with such a weighted position. While managing tasks, time, and resources are important, so too is prioritising your welfare. For many CEOs and Directors, over-exhaustion is a very real possibility. Worse yet, given the nature of the role, many CEOS and Directors feel obligated to keep their struggles under wraps, with 84% of managers believing it's important they hide their emotions and stress from members of the team. 

And yet, this model is an unsustainable one, leaving many senior leaders feeling burned out. So what can you do to approach work sustainably? 

Founded in 2010, Headspace has brought mindfulness and meditation to the masses. And, for CEOs and Directors, the app provides brief sessions designed to reduce stress in just a few minutes. Not only that, but Headspace’s sessions are all geared around encouraging better coping mechanisms, better habits, and better sleep. 

Feeling the pressure? Check out Headspace

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