I Lawv You: Our Crush Countdown for Valentine's Day

February 11, 2022

We’re feeling the love today. Maybe it’s the sun pouring in through the window. Maybe it’s the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Or maybe it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day, a global holiday of love, synonymous with cheap chocolates and even cheaper wine. Who are we kidding, of course it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day! Duh!

We’ve been struck with an odd conundrum this year, however. After a year of lawfully good fun, we’ve found it hard to settle on a valentine. With so many incredible contributors to the legal space, it felt amiss to give our hearts to just one lucky lawyer. And so, with a lot of love to give, we’ve penned a love letter of sorts to some of the top contributors to the legal space in 2021.

From leaders in legal aid to GDPR gurus, here are some of the individuals we’ve been crushing on this year.

Data protection demystifier, Tim Turner

Known locally as the “Data Protection Demystifier” Tim Turner is a much-beloved figure within the data protection space. Not only is he brimming with no-nonsense knowledge, but he went above and beyond when the going got tough for professionals made redundant during covid. Opting to offer free courses to those affected, Tim gave a much-needed lifeline to those who needed it, and for that, he has our eternal affections. Tim still shares free content on all things data protection, privacy, and GDPR, and his chargeable content is worth the investment. If you’re looking for a trainer with heart (and a multitude of hats - yes, really), then look no further.

Connect with Tim here.

Puntastic patent attorney, Iain Russell

Iain is big in the IP scene - real big. Recommended in the Legal 500 for being “extremely technical but also very personable”, Iain is a UK and European Patent Attorney, an inventor with over 20 granted patents, and the founder of Patently Jobvious - a free online job board for IP jobs (and a puntastic one at that). In addition to being a talented attorney, Iain is also a key driver of positive growth within the IP community, and time and time again has gone so far as to support our very own IP division. Going above and beyond, and then some, Iain has claimed a space in our hearts as a community builder with soul. To Iain.

Connect with Iain here.

Legaltech rockstar, John Lindsey

What do you get when you fuse LegalTech with rocking Karaoke tunes? John Lindsey! Hailing from Austin, Texas, John has burst onto the legal scene, populating LinkedIn with his creative renditions of cult classics. But with John, there’s more than meets the eye, and his catchy tunes serve to educate on one of our favourite topics: LegalTech. As President of InCite LegalTech, John helps law firms prepare for the LegalTech wave, with the added bonus of doing it to a beat.

Connect with John here.

Force to be reckoned with, Florence Brocklesby

As the founder of Bellevue Law, Florence’s firm specialises in litigation, dispute resolution, and employment law. But Florence’s mission goes much, much further. Creating a space for ex-city lawyers to enjoy quality work and work-life balance, Florence shares our mission to inject life back into law. But Florence doesn’t just stop there, and has worked closely with us to better our industry, even going so far as to join our CEO and Founder Alice Stephenson as part of her “Female Founders in Law” series. Here Florence shared her sage advice for the next generation of lawyers. Suffice to say, Florence is the bizz, and then some.

Connect with Florence here

Tour de force, Sarah Green

A legal tour de force, a professor bursting with brains, and a speaker with style, it’s Sarah Green! Sarah first joined us in our legal fanaticism as part of our “Future of Law” webinar series where we tackled some of the most exciting advancements in blockchain law. And, just like us, the legal community went wild, with over 1’000 registrations to hear Sarah’s wisdom first hand. Since this webinar, Sarah has continued to work tirelessly to advance law in the UK, and tackles issues including virtual currencies, blockchain, smart contracts, and much much more.

Connect with Sarah here.

Legal leader, Stevie Ghiassi

A man of many talents, Stevie Ghiassi is the name behind Legaler, a video meeting platform for lawyers, and Legaler Aid, an organisation set up to provide legal support to those who need it most. Not only that, but Stevie was a guest on our Future of Law webinar series, revealing himself to be an out-and-out blockchain fanatic. Taking the time to share his unique perspective on this evolving world, Stevie proved himself to be just as successful an educator, as he is an entrepreneur.

Connect with Stevie here.

Content king, Alex Su

Alex Su is a TikTok-touting, tradition-busting legal professional, who first rose to fame thanks to his series of legal TikToks. Struggling to find his place amidst the rigid systems of law, Alex decided to create his own path, and in doing so, has helped countless legal professionals understand their place within the industry. Joining our CEO and Founder Alice Stephenson on a LinkedIn Live, Alex took the time to field questions from professionals who, just like him, we’re feeling a little lost. Brains, grit, and wit? Now that’s what you call a triple threat.

Connect with Alex here.

Marketing mage, Helen Burness

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may have heard of Helen Burness - legal marketing tour de force and LinkedIn sage. Sharing our vision of a world with creative and colourful lawyers, Helen populates the legal community with tips, tricks, and personal anecdotes that break down the stuffy barriers of legal marketing. In doing so, Helen empowers lawyers to seek more and shares our love for the weird, wild, and wonderful. To Helen!

Connect with Helen here.

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