EU SCCs: A Flowchart to Fulfil Your Data Protection Desires

July 7, 2021

Previously we did a deep dive on the new set of standard contractual clauses set out by the EU. There, we explained that the EU SCCs (catchy name ey!) are the most common mechanism for legally transferring personal data from the European Economic Area to countries not yet deemed "adequate" by the EU.

While the data protection world rejoiced, you may have been feeling a little lost as to where to start.

That's why our data protection lawyers banded together to create the EU SCC flowchart (another catchy name!).

Before you start, if you'd like a little bit more clarification on "data subjects", "data controllers", and "controller-processor relationship", never fear: head to our handy blog where we break down the most common terms used in the data protection world.

So, how do the new set of EU SCCs rules affect you? Let's explore...

Now that you've figured out your next steps, how should you proceed? Well, from here you will need to pick the right modules of the SCCs for the type of transfer, and decide on which of the option clauses you want. If you'd like to discuss this with our data protection team, you can contact us.

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