The Rise of Legal Subscription Services

February 3, 2024

You can't swing a gavel without hitting a legal subscription service these days!

Our ongoing quest for convenience and accessibility has contributed to the meteoric rise of legal subscription services as a solution to streamline the delivery of legal services while offering price certainty.

Legal subscription services replicate the prevalent subscription model from the tech industry - they provide clients with ongoing access to a variety of legal resources, ranging from access to lawyers to resource hubs to a telephone helpline. In exchange, clients typically pay an upfront monthly or annual fee, allowing them to access legal support whenever required.

At Plume, we were one of the first firms to offer a legal subscription service – we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! With most of our lawyers coming from an in-house background, we recognised the challenges faced by in-house lawyers in outsourcing the day-to-day work to law firms, and have worked hard over the last 6 years to create a solution that works.

Our groundbreaking Flamingo subscription offers clients the following benefits:

·     A suite of legal specialisms: our subscription gives you access to commercial contract, employment, data protection, technology and intellectual property expertise.

·     Responsive, proactive, and crystal clear advice: we give same-day responses, clear timelines for work and avoid jargon.

·      Boosted capacity and expertise: we manage the legal work that is slowing you down, allowing you to drive strategic projects.

·      Control of your legal spend: our subscription is cost-effective and crystal clear so you have total control over your spend.

·      Senior lawyers with in-house experience: bolster your team with senior, expert lawyers who can hit the ground running. No stuffiness or frustration.

·      Clear the path to your success: our subscription was designed to liberate you from your day-to-day legal work so you can focus on the sexy stuff.

"So what makes you different from the hundreds of other legal subscriptions out there?" we hear you ask!

It's a fair question, and we have a good answer.

First, our business has been designed to deliver legal subscription services. This isn't just something we've decided to bolt-on to an existing business. We live and breathe our subscription offering, which means we're not like a normal law firm.

Secondly, we know what in-house lawyers need from a legal subscription service because we've been in their shoes. They don't need waffly, arse-covering advice notes. They need sensible, business-focussed advice that they can easily understand and implement.

And our clients agree:

“Our favourite thing about working with Plume is it doesn’t feel like we’re working with a law firm but rather an extension of our own team. The lawyers have become so embedded in our business, so commercially focussed and so tuned to our risk appetite and way of working.” Francesca Porter, General Counsel, Onfido

“It’s just the entire way that the team do business. I’ve never felt forgotten, I’ve never felt that someone else is too important, everyone’s so nice and everyone puts in 100% of the effort. Working with Plume is a real pleasure.” Miguel Holloway, COO Oxford Medical Simulation


To have a chat about our Flamingo subscription can help with your ongoing legal needs, contact us now.

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