Email Legal Notice

Confidentiality: Emails sent by us are only intended for the addresses and may be confidential and legally privileged. If you’ve received an email from us in error, we apologise and ask that you let us know immediately before deleting it. You must not copy, disclose or use any information contained in the email or any attachments.

Encryption: We use Microsoft Outlook as our email client. Outlook uses ‘opportunistic TLS’ which attempts to create a secure connection with your email system without the need for encryption keys to be exchanged. However, there is no guarantee that an encrypted connection will be created therefore you should assume that our emails are not encrypted. If you require our emails with you to be encrypted, please let us know.

Fraud prevention: We will never notify you of changes to our bank details by email. You should always ask for confirmation of our bank details from your contact or by calling our main number before transferring any money to us. We will not be responsible if you transfer money to an incorrect bank account.

Privacy of email communications: Emails sent to or by our staff may be read by other staff members. For further information about how we handle your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Service of documents: Unless agreed by one of our directors in writing, we do not accept service of documents by email.Viruses: Although any emails and attachments sent by us have been checked for viruses before transmission, you should carry out your own virus checks.