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Senior Solicitor



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Alice has spent an impressive career in law, providing top-tier legal support to the likes of Arm and Cycle Pharmaceuticals. With over a decade spent honing her skillset, Alice has scaled countless legal hurdles for her clients, becoming a trusted partner for her colleagues and clients alike. In addition to her marathon feats in the legal industry, Alice is also a Nationals silver medalist in marathon kayaking and a marathon runner.

As a Senior Solicitor in the Flamingo Subscription team, Alice partners with clients for the long term, and works hard to ensure clients are equipped with next-level legals.

Education & Certifications

  • Anglia Ruskin University MBA (2018)
  • Oxford Institute of Legal Practice (LPC) (2012)
  • Queen’s University Belfast, LLB (2011)
A real pleasure to work with

It’s just the entire way that Plume does business. I’ve never felt forgotten, I’ve never felt that someone else is too important, everyone’s so nice and everyone puts in 100% of the effort. Working with Plume is a real pleasure.

Miguel Holloway, Chief of Staff, Oxford Medical Simulation
data protection experts

Great working with the team on our Data Protection work. They were quick and understood our needs and responded swiftly with a quote and timeframe to deliver. In addition the team were able to have a follow-up call to clarify points and provide a better understanding to ourselves. They were able to amend and make changes following this second call which was very helpful. Very much looking forward to working with them again. Great work!

Oliver Dix, Founder, Prift
Tuned to our way of working

Our favourite thing about working with Plume is it doesn’t feel like we’re working with a law firm but rather an extension of our own team. The lawyers have become so embedded in our business, so commercially focussed and so tuned to our risk appetite and way of working

Francesca Porter, General Counsel, Onfindo
Commercial, low fuss and highly responsive service

The team have come on board to support MyTutor, a fast growing EdTech business which previously had no in-house legal resource. The team have made a hugely positive difference in a short space of time and we feel incredibly supported by the team, who offer a commercial, low fuss and highly responsive service

Manisha Chana, CFO, MyTutor