Audits and Data Mapping

Don’t wait for the ICO to come knocking – take control of your data protection compliance with our company privacy health check. It’s our nice word for audit – we promise we won’t bite!

As a business that handles personal data, you have an ongoing duty to keep your data protection practice under review and update things where necessary.

We can chat through what you have and haven’t got in place, and assess the risk using our standard RAG colour coding system. Then, we’ll quote for the work we think you need – it’s not about highlighting problems and leaving you in the lurch to sort them, it’s about giving your business the confidence to operate and grow in a sustainable and secure way.

When do you need a health check?

Contracting with new suppliers?

Your terms of business might need a refresh, especially since we’ve seen so many changes to DP laws recently. This might include adapting processing clauses or reviewing your relationships with processors, to make sure you stay GDPR compliant.

Onboarding new staff?

You’ve welcomed new people to your team, but perhaps you’ve realised that the onboarding process is lacking in training – compliance is a firm-wide responsibility, so make sure everyone is in the know when it comes to your privacy approach.

Had a data breach?

No matter whether you have resolved the issue or not, it’s clear there has been a breakdown insecurity and process. Let’s make sure we heal those wounds rather than cover them with plasters…

Who can this affect?

Founders, Directors & CEOs

If there are holes in your compliance framework, you as the leader of the business will fall right through them if you don’t take preventative action.

HR People & Culture

Part of the process of checking the privacy health of the company is making sure everyone understands the rules, and knows where to find more information about their responsibilities. As the HR team, you’re responsible for those people and their success (and usually, drafting all the documents they need to get there).

How to get started

Don't take our word for it

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Francesca Porter, General Counsel, Onfindo
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The best thing about working with the Employment team is the prompt guidance and support they have given with sensitive and complex issues. Fiona offers professional and diligent advice as well as being incredibly genuine and encouraging. It is reassuring to know they are on hand to help at all times.

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Shannon MacLeod, Cherish Baby Care
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Charlotte Ashton, founder director, The Implicit
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