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Building Blocks of Contracts (B2B): A Lego-inspired Guide

Understanding how contracts are formed and the key provisions within them is crucial for successful B2B relationships. Our Lego inspired guide can help navigate the complexities of commercial agreements with clarity and precision.

Unfair Contract Terms - NEW CASE LAW

Most businesses are not normally too concerned about UCTA as it’s rare for B2B contracts to not comply with this law. However, in this article, we explore how recent case law might change this position.

Greenwashing?! What On Earth?

Following momentum in 2023, the focus on tackling Greenwashing is expected to continue across the UK and EU in 2024. In this article we explore the importance regulating and reprimanding deliberate Greenwashing.

January 2024 Legal Roundup!

The legal world has kept us on our toes this January! Knowledge is power so we've prepared a short article to give you the down low on all legal updates.

Commercial Contracts: Why Do They Matter?

Having robust commercial contracts is paramount for businesses engaging with customers, vendors, employees, and contractors.

Commercial Contracts: Common FAQs, Challenges and Tips

We tackle common commercial contract law FAQs, from what makes a contract legally binding, to key terms you should be aware of before signing the dotted line.

Consumer Law Rules for Refunds and Returns: Infographic

We tackle the rights and rules associated with consumer law. From your obligations as a provider, to customer rights, let's dive into consumer law rules.

What is a Franchise Agreement? A Legal Guide

Considering turning your business into a franchise? Congrats! But first, you'll need to understand the ins and outs of a franchise agreement. Let's dive in...

Website Terms of Service Explained: A How to Guide

Selling services? You'll need Website Terms of Service. Dive into our guide on what they achieve, what to include, and why you need them.

What is an MSA? Master Services Agreements Explained

A master services agreement can dramatically simplify the sales process - but what is an MSA? And how do they work? We tackle the A to Z of an MSA.

Outsourcing Pros and Cons: How to Save Time and Money

You have enough on your plate. We tackle outsourcing pros and cons, and outline the nitty gritty of saving much needed time and money.

Contract Negotiation Strategies: Told by the Experts

Our contract negotiation experts weigh in on their tried and tested strategies for getting the deal right. Cracking the code on contract negotiation in 3, 2, 1.

6 Negotiation Tactics for Your Sales Team

For sales teams, sealing the deal is paramount. And yet, it's tricky work. We count down our tried and tested negotiation tactics for sales teams.

Is an Email Legally Binding? Email Exchange Risks and Tips

Emails are big business, but are they legally binding business? We break down what makes an email a contract, and our top tips for avoiding risk.

Things to Think About When Hiring a Web Developer

From costs to IP ownership, there's a lot to consider when hiring a web developer. We break down what you need to think about when hiring a developer.

What Documents do you Need on Your Website?

As a business with a website, there are a number of key documents you'll need to host on your site. From privacy policies to terms of use, we break it down.

What are the Key Terms in a Contract Startups Need to Check?

Reviewing contracts can be daunting, and yet, missing key terms can result in big issues. We cut through the noise and highlight key contract terms to check.

How do you Terminate a Contract?

So, you need to terminate a contract. What rights are available to you? We discuss the different ways you can put an end to a professional relationship.

Four Tips on Renegotiating Your Contracts

Robust legal foundations are key for any startup business, but what happens when that business evolves? We outline how to renegotiate your contracts.

TUPE Explained: Transfer Teams Between Different Employers

There is nothing quite like TUPE to send lawyers and HR professionals alike scrambling for cover. Who knew a simple acronym...

NDAs Explained: The Importance of Confidentiality Agreements

You may have heard of Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”), but how do they actually work? We explain how to keep your trade secrets, secret.

How to Terminate a Contarct

In this article, we tackle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the long-term viability of contractual relationships. Ready? Let's get started.

A Whistle-Stop Tour of NDAs

You’re working hard to build your business. You’re speaking to a prospective partner or supplier and need to share confidential...

Don't Get Us Started on Indemnity Clauses

Indemnity clauses are commonplace in a wide variety of agreements. But what do they achieve? We explain what indemnity clauses are and explain how to use them.

Are Your Trade Secrets Really Secret?

When top-secret information is involved, it's important to have legal protections in place. We outline how to keep your trade secrets, secret.

3 Legal Agreements Every Tech Startup Needs

Are you putting off thinking about legal contracts? Our blog explains the different agreements you may...

Legal Documents Aren’t Very Sexy, but They’re Extremely Important

Get your legal foundations right, and you'll go far. We count down the most important legal documents you need to be aware of.

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