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Unleashing Legal Transformers: Breaking Down Barriers

A recent article on highlights a crucial piece of advice for in-house lawyers: "Don't Put Up a Barrier with Your Business". In this article, we explore the similarities between in-house counsel and the Transformers as a metaphor to breaking down barriers.

In-house Top Tips: Maintaining Good Mental Health

Working in-house can be demanding and challenging. Amidst these responsibilities, it's crucial to prioritise your mental health to ensure long-term well-being and effectiveness in your role.

The Minecraft Metaphor: The First 100 Days As In-house Counsel

In Minecraft, the first 100 days as an in-house lawyer can be likened to starting a new game in survival mode. Read our blog to find out how the metaphor plays out.

Lawyer Legends of Fiction

Fictional characters can offer insights and lessons applicable to working with an in-house legal team. In this blog we share a few of our favourites for inspiration.

Legal Lessons From The Swamp

While Shrek may seem like an unconventional source of wisdom for in-house lawyers, his story offers valuable lessons in teamwork, communication, integrity, and adaptability that can be applied to the corporate legal setting.

In-house Lawyers: Hiring In-house vs Outsourcing

Deciding whether to hire an in-house lawyer or outsource to a legal services provider can be tricky - each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we explore what those are, and how to make the right decision for you and your business.

Greenwashing?! What On Earth?

Following momentum in 2023, the focus on tackling Greenwashing is expected to continue across the UK and EU in 2024. In this article we explore the importance regulating and reprimanding deliberate Greenwashing.

The Rise of Legal Subscription Services

You can't swing a gavel without hitting a legal subscription service these days! Our ongoing quest for convenience and accessibility has contributed to the meteoric rise of legal subscription services as a solution to streamline the delivery of legal services. Discover our Flamingo Subscription today.

How to introduce legal tech

Legal tech sits at the intersection between the legal sector and digitisation. In this article we explore the process for introducing legal tech to your in-house function.

In-house Lawyers: Self-Service Empowerment for Businesses

Empowering a business to self-serve typically involves providing tools, resources, and autonomy to perform various tasks and functions independently. We help put together the pieces of the puzzle of self-service.

Making the most of templates and playbooks

In-house legal teams can maximise the benefits of templates and playbooks by creating standardised documents and processes for common legal tasks. In this article we explore this differences between the two.

In-house Lawyers: Finding out who you need to know

Building a diverse network can be valuable in many aspects of life. In a business context as an in-house lawyer, it's crucial to build a network of relationships that can support your legal work and help the company achieve its objectives.

In-house Lawyers: How to get a seat at the table

As an in-house lawyer it is crucial to secure a seat at the decision making table in order to demonstrate your value and expertise. Here are some specific strategies for ensuring that the C-suite involves them in the decision-making process:

Top Tips from GCs on How to Thrive In-House

Words of wisdom from those who have walked the walk before you can go a long way in providing reassurance & inspiration. Fortunately, we know a few seasoned GCs who were good enough to share their top tip on how to thrive in-house.

6 Things You Should Know Before Moving In-House

Navigating the in-house life requires a sense of humour, a willingness to embrace the absurd, and the ability to juggle legal matters with a smile. You need to blend legal expertise with business acumen, adaptability, and effective communication.

Making Your Mark as Sole Legal Counsel

In this article, we tap into the years of being a solo in-house lawyer within the Stephenson Law team to help you navigate the maze with success and help you make your mark.

A Bridge too Far? A New UK-US Data Bridge

We explore the UK's extension to the existing EU-US Data Privacy Framework (Data Bridge) to allow for the sharing of personal data from the UK to US organisations which have signed up to the Data Bridge.

Recent case sees a big change in what might be viewed as a fair dismissal

In a dismissal, the decision maker doesn’t have to actually meet the employee before dismissing them in order for a dismissal to be fair

6 Strategies to Keep Your Legal Spend Under Control

Reducing legal spend is an art form. We tackle 6 strategies for in-house lawyers to reduce legal costs and ease the pressure facing their function.

Sexual Harassment at McDonalds: Fast-Food Giant Under Fire

McDonald's has made headlines for a flurry of sexual harassment claims. We dive into the agreement made with the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

What is an MSA? Master Services Agreements Explained

A master services agreement can dramatically simplify the sales process - but what is an MSA? And how do they work? We tackle the A to Z of an MSA.

Employment Law Trends in 2023: Changes in the World of Work

We discuss employment law trends, evolving bills, and shifting responsibilities for employers. So, what does 2023 have in store?

Contract Negotiation Strategies: Told by the Experts

Our contract negotiation experts weigh in on their tried and tested strategies for getting the deal right. Cracking the code on contract negotiation in 3, 2, 1.

Meta Owes Ireland €390 Million: The Impact on UK Advertisers

Breaking news this week, as Meta incurs a €390 Million fine for breach of EU data protection rules. We explain how the case could impact UK advertisers.

CBDCs: What are They and Why is the UK Embracing Them?

We tackle CBDCs, the UK government's love affair with them, and the pros and cons of central bank digital currency.

FCA Consumer Duty: How Financial Services Firms Are Impacted

As the deadline for the FCA Consumer Duty Principle looms forward, we tackle how it impacts financial services firms, and what businesses need to be aware of.

Twitter, Toxicity, and the Future of the Working World

Elon Musk's Twitter takeover: is this the turn of a new leaf or the collapse of an empire? We outline what it all means for the future of work.

How to Introduce LegalTech to In-House: 3 Top Challenges

Introducing LegalTech has a long-list of benefits, but often, there can be resistance. We outline how to scale the top 3 challenges of implementing LegalTech.

How to Build a Legal Team: Tried and Tested Truths

With insights from Onfido, we tackle how to build a legal team, from getting buy-in, to building a legal function that can scale.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Legal Teams

46% of sales teams don't view legal as their go-to partner. So what can be done to bridge the distance between these two teams? We discuss all.

International Registrations Designating the UK: Explained

A recent case has raised question marks for holders of international trade mark registrations. Our experts weigh in on what it means for IRs designating the UK.

Online Marketplaces Explained: Rules, Risks, and Requirements

Setting up an online marketplace? Hoping to sell products or services through one? Explore our guide on the rules and risks of online marketplaces.

Trade Mark Registration: What to Think About

A trade mark helps set your business apart from the crowd, but it helps to know what can actually be registered, and what can be protected. Let's explore...

Intellectual Property and How to Protect it

From trade marks to copyright, there's quite a lot to consider when protecting your intellectual property. We break down IP, and how to protect it.

How to Stop Other People From Using Your Company Name

Do you have a copycat sniffing around your company name? Frustrating, right? In this article, we explain the steps you can take to protect your company name. 

How to Register a Trade Mark: A Three-Step Guide

Registering a trade mark is key to protecting your intellectual property. But what does the registration process look like? We break it down in simple terms.

Legal Tips for Businesses: Social Media Stumbling Blocks

Social media is a powerful tool for business, but it can also go very, very wrong. We break down the do's and don'ts of using social media for business.

When Should you use a Convertible Loan Note?

A convertible loan note can be a handy asset for start-ups to generate money, but what are their advantages and disadvantages? We break it down.

When Should you use an Advance Subscription Agreement?

In this blog, we discuss advance subscription agreements - when to use them, when not to use them, and the benefits that lie in wait.

EasyLife Faces Double-Whammy Data Protection Fines

EasyLife has made the headlines today, with two fines from the ICO for £1.35 million and £130K respectively. But how did this happen?

The GDPR: Your Guide to Compliance

The GDPR sets out to protect the rights of individuals, but non-compliance comes at a great cost. We cover the basics with our GDPR guide.

High Court of England and Wales Permits Service by NFT Airdrop

The courts have allowed a service via NFT airdrop. But what does this mean for the future of NFTs in a legal setting?

Counterfeit Goods: What Are They? And How Can You Stop Them?

Counterfeit goods are damaging to both your brand and reputation, but it can also be harmful to consumers and the economy. So what should you do?

DAOs Explained: What Are The Benefits of DAOs?

What are the benefits of DAOs? And when should you stick to traditional business structures? In this blog we break it down in simple terms.

Four Tips on Renegotiating Your Contracts

Robust legal foundations are key for any startup business, but what happens when that business evolves? We outline how to renegotiate your contracts.

Digital Information Bill Finally Lands: Data Protection Update

The digital information bill has finally landed, but what are its implications for the data protection world?

TUPE Explained: Transfer Teams Between Different Employers

There is nothing quite like TUPE to send lawyers and HR professionals alike scrambling for cover. Who knew a simple acronym...

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, or DAOs: The Basics

First there were NFTs. Then there was Metaverses. Now it’s all about DAOs. If you are familiar with the Web 3.0 space...

Del Boy and the Intellectual Property Issue

In a precedent-making decision, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court ("IPEC") has just decided that the fictional character Del Boy...

Sending People's Information Abroad: The BREXIT Edition

In the business of sending people's information abroad? You'll need to adhere to the international data transfers agreement...

Crypto Crash: The End of Stablecoins? Not for HM Treasury

Many believe the recent crypto crash to be the nail in the coffin for the crypto bubble. Many, barring HM Treasury...

NFTs Recognised by UK High Court as Legal Property

Most recently, a landmark case on NFTs has caught our attention. Brought before the UK High Court by owner of two “Boss Beauties”...

Tackling a DSAR: A Step by Step Infographic Guide

Data Subject Access Requests (or DSARs) are when an individual that you process data about contacts your business requesting...

Why Are Statutory Registers So Important?

Statutory registers are an important foundation for your business and serve as records of important aspects of your company structure...

Celebrating Ethical Game-Changers: The Legal Obligations of B Corps

March is B Corp month and if you’re anything like us, you likely enjoy hearing the stories of B Corp certified...

Why do International Data Transfers Matter?

When it comes to moving personal data between countries, there's a lot to consider. We tackle international data transfers and how to handle them.

Top Five Pet Peeves When Instructing External Lawyers

Our team have hailed from all walks of life, from private-practice, to household names. As a result, many of our...

The Regulatory Alphabet: Breaking Down Financial Regulation Jargon

There’s no industry quite like financial services when it comes to acronyms and abbreviations. We end the jargon with the A to Z of regulatory terms.

Social Media and Intellectual Property Challenges

Social Media can contain a ton of intellectual property (IP) and it’s not always free to use. We explain the do's and don'ts of managing social media.

Data Protection Day: What is it? And Why Does it Matter?

Doesn’t it feel like the best days of the year all come at once? Christmas, New Year, Data Protection Day…

The National Security and Investment Act: What it Means

On the 4th of January 2022, the National Security and Investment Act came into force. But what does it mean and how does it impact your business?

CNIL Fines Google and Facebook for “Cookie Consent” Banners

The EU data protection regulators, in this case, the French supervisory authority CNIL, have locked horns with Google and Facebook for cookie consent issues.

Grindr Sells Personal Data to Advertisers Without Consent

We discuss Grindr's recent run-in with the law, for selling personal data without consent. Our data protection experts discuss the issues facing the app.

White Label Fintech Solutions: Why They Matter

The fintech sector is growing globally; and with it, fintech solutions. We discuss white-label fintech solutions and how they're set to impact the sector.

Who is Protected by Whistleblowing Laws? A Guide.

When former Facebook employee Frances Haugen announced the socials media giant's "unilateral control over...

What is the Metaverse and Why Does a Law Firm Care?

With the announcement of Facebook’s ambitious rebrand to “Meta”, many considered the move an attempt to...

Lloyd v Google: Verdict Arrives for History-Making Court Case

International tech giant Google came under fire this week, at the hands of the former director of Which. We explain the details of this history-making case.

Case Study: Supporting Farewill in their Data Sharing Approach

Farewill provides end of life services, such as will writing and probate support. We take a look at how we helped Farewell with their data sharing approach.

A Solution For the Obstacles Facing In-House Lawyers

In-house lawyers face a daunting to-do list. We tackle how the flamingo subscription helps in-house teams scale those hurdles.

How the New Data Sharing Code of Practice Affects You

On 05 October 2021 the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) confirmed that the new Data Sharing Code of Practice has come into force. But what does this mean?

Building a Culture of Accountability: Henry Ford and the FCA

What can we learn from Henry Ford when building a culture of accountability? Our regulatory experts dive into the historic entrepreneur's ethos.

Google Undergoes a Data Protection Change

If you use Google to support your business (who doesn’t?!) you’ve probably received a notification from them...

Royally Screwed: Elizabeth Emanuel's IP Battle to Reclaim Her Name

On designing a dress that made royal wedding history, Elizabeth Emanuel became a household name. We discuss the intellectual property issues that came after.

What is 'Employment Status' and Why Does it Matter?

Employment status is crucial to get right and impacts the rights and responsibilities of a new hire. We explain what employment status is and why it matters.

Email Marketing Gone Rotten: PECR and Sainsbury's Cat-Food Fuss

Sainsbury's has come under fire this week, having recently breached the rules of PECR. Our data protection team explains what it means for the supermarket.

The Big Taboo: The Importance of SexTech and World Orgasm Day

At Stephenson Law, we’re known for challenging the status quo when it comes to the legal industry...

EU SCCs: A Flowchart to Fulfil Your Data Protection Desires

Previously we did a deep dive on the new set of standard contractual clauses set out by the EU. There, we explained...

Data Protection Update: EU SCCs

The data protection world is very excited – the EU has just published a set of new standard contractual clauses (SCCs)...

Companies and Copyright: Memes and the Intellectual Property Issue

The copyright of memes is an often overlooked issue. And yet, get it wrong, and you could face costly intellectual property issues. We explain all...

Data Protection Officers and Representatives: Explained

The data protection world has a series of unique roles, from data protection officers to representatives. We break down what they mean in simple terms.

5 Key Data Protection Issues for HealthTech

HealthTechs face a unique set of challenges when it comes to data protection. We outline the top 5 data protection issues facing HealthTechs today.

What Happens To Personal Data After Someone Dies?

What happens to personal data after someone dies? We tackle one of the most interesting data protection issues to face the modern digital world.

Bad Faith: Banksy's Legal Battle and Intellectual Property

When Banksy stumbled in trade mark trouble, many wondered what caused the "bad faith" assertion. Our intellectual property experts explain all...

The Future of International Personal Data Transfers

There has been much anticipation in the privacy world for the “Schrems II” judgement. We discuss the future of international personal data transfers.

Five Reasons to Cheer at the Death of Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are almost as old as the web itself. And yet, they're facing their demise. We explain the pros of the death of third-party cookies.

How to Terminate a Contarct

In this article, we tackle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the long-term viability of contractual relationships. Ready? Let's get started.

Domain name registration and transfer (.uk)

This Practice Note, produced in partnership with Ed Boal and Lexis PSL, explains the rules relating to the register

European Court Confirms That Consent for Cookies Means Consent

On 1 October 2019, Europe’s highest court handed down its judgment on a series of questions referred to...

DSAR-RRRGH! Dealing with Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

Have you been hit with a DSAR? We explain how to deal with a data subject access request and the rights that come with them.

Maternity Leave? We can help!

When a key member of your legal team is due to go on maternity leave (or parental leave) there’s often a bit of a panic to find the right cover...

Don't Get Us Started on Indemnity Clauses

Indemnity clauses are commonplace in a wide variety of agreements. But what do they achieve? We explain what indemnity clauses are and explain how to use them.

Social Influencers: Don't Make A # Of It

Affiliate marketers and social influencers are a new and popular way of attracting customers. But, there are legal rules when it comes to influencing customers.

Intellectual Property in Software

Are you a tech-savvy entrepreneur who has developed the next big thing? We explain how to protect intellectual property within a software product.

Smart Contracts: The Much Awaited Law Commission Verdict

It’s here! The much-anticipated advice from the Law Commission on the application of smart contracts in the legal industry...

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