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The AI Outsourcing Conundrum

Whilst we wait to see what the outcome of the AI White Paper consultation in respect of regulatory guidance for AI at the end of April 2024 will be, we take a look at the challenges of AI when outsourcing.

Getty Images AI - NEW CASE LAW

It will be interesting to see the interpretation of the AI and IP issues in the Getty Images case. But why is the case important and what should businesses be doing and thinking about if they use generative AI?

Will The Online "Wild West" Be Tamed By The Online Safety Act 2023?

With secondary provisions for The Online Safety Act coming into force in April 2024, we take a look at those new provisions; what they mean for users and what they mean for businesses.

It's Coming - How To Prepare For The EU AI Act

The EU AI Act will be voted on in April 2024 ahead of the upcoming European Parliament Elections - things will likely be set out in a bit of a rush, so we're getting ahead of the curve and giving you some food for thought in this article.

The Artificial Intelligence Act - Will It Impact My UK Business?

The AI Act, expected to be introduced in the EU later this year is intended to set out rules for providers and users of AI systems in the EU marketplace. The UK is currently taking a slightly difference approach by favouring the regulatory guidance approach as opposed to legislation. But what does this mean for UK businesses who place AI systems on the market in the EU?

AI Regulation, Risk, and Opportunities

AI is here to stay - but regulators are catching up. We explore the opportunities of artificial intelligence, and how you can avoid the big legal risks.

How to introduce legal tech

Legal tech sits at the intersection between the legal sector and digitisation. In this article we explore the process for introducing legal tech to your in-house function.

IoT (Internet of Things) and The Legal Issues Ahead

In this article, we tackle the world of IoT, from common use cases on the market to the due diligence needed to create safe IoT products.

AI in the workplace – what’s the 411?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the news right now. But how much can businesses rely on it for day-to-day processes? We dive into the detail..

CBDCs: What are They and Why is the UK Embracing Them?

We tackle CBDCs, the UK government's love affair with them, and the pros and cons of central bank digital currency.

How to Introduce LegalTech to In-House: 3 Top Challenges

Introducing LegalTech has a long-list of benefits, but often, there can be resistance. We outline how to scale the top 3 challenges of implementing LegalTech.

Online Marketplaces Explained: Rules, Risks, and Requirements

Setting up an online marketplace? Hoping to sell products or services through one? Explore our guide on the rules and risks of online marketplaces.

Things to Think About When Hiring a Web Developer

From costs to IP ownership, there's a lot to consider when hiring a web developer. We break down what you need to think about when hiring a developer.

High Court of England and Wales Permits Service by NFT Airdrop

The courts have allowed a service via NFT airdrop. But what does this mean for the future of NFTs in a legal setting?

DAOs Explained: What Are The Benefits of DAOs?

What are the benefits of DAOs? And when should you stick to traditional business structures? In this blog we break it down in simple terms.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, or DAOs: The Basics

First there were NFTs. Then there was Metaverses. Now it’s all about DAOs. If you are familiar with the Web 3.0 space...

Financial Inclusion and ESG: Making Fintech Equitable

You may have increasingly heard mention of the phrase “financial inclusion”. As many seek to engage with ESG investing...

Digital Fashion: What is it? And Where is it Going?

Blockchain technology has already had a revolutionary impact on various aspects of our lives and this is no less true...

Crypto Crash: The End of Stablecoins? Not for HM Treasury

Many believe the recent crypto crash to be the nail in the coffin for the crypto bubble. Many, barring HM Treasury...

NFTs Recognised by UK High Court as Legal Property

Most recently, a landmark case on NFTs has caught our attention. Brought before the UK High Court by owner of two “Boss Beauties”...

Is Blockchain Environmentally Friendly? Challenges Explained

We’ve had a think about the role blockchain technology is playing in this evergreen, everlasting battle between Earth and its inhabitants...

Why You're Struggling to Launch Your Fintech Business

You've had a great idea for a new fintech product. Let's say is a payments platform allowing users to transact with users elsewhere in the world...

White Label Fintech Solutions: Why They Matter

The fintech sector is growing globally; and with it, fintech solutions. We discuss white-label fintech solutions and how they're set to impact the sector.

What is the Metaverse and Why Does a Law Firm Care?

With the announcement of Facebook’s ambitious rebrand to “Meta”, many considered the move an attempt to...

Bitcoin Rises to the Stock Market in the Form of an ETF

Blockchain and its related technologies have burst onto scene this year, but it’s understandable if...

Could Your Smart Doorbell be Invading your Neighbours Privacy?

As smart doorbells grow in popularity, new concerns have arisen surrounding privacy. And according to a judgement, changes may be coming.

The Big Taboo: The Importance of SexTech and World Orgasm Day

At Stephenson Law, we’re known for challenging the status quo when it comes to the legal industry...

Top Five Legal Considerations When Dealing with NFTs

In this blog, we're going to cover some of the legal issues relating to NFTs, and what you should be aware of.

NFTs: A Blockchain Bubble Set to Burst or a Revolution in Digital Art?

NFTs have exploded in popularity, thanks to the blockchain boom and the rise of digital art. We tackle the blockchain bubble, and whether it's about to burst.

5 Key Data Protection Issues for HealthTech

HealthTechs face a unique set of challenges when it comes to data protection. We outline the top 5 data protection issues facing HealthTechs today.

Medical Device Regulation Commission 2021 Updates

In this article, we discuss the 2021 updates to the medical device regulation commission. Read on to understand how the MDR impacts you.

Domain name registration and transfer (.uk)

This Practice Note, produced in partnership with Ed Boal and Lexis PSL, explains the rules relating to the register

Should you use biometrics in your organisation?

There’s much in the press at the moment about the use of facial recognition technology by the police and other law enforcement...

Intellectual Property in Software

Are you a tech-savvy entrepreneur who has developed the next big thing? We explain how to protect intellectual property within a software product.

3 Legal Agreements Every Tech Startup Needs

Are you putting off thinking about legal contracts? Our blog explains the different agreements you may...

Smart Contracts: The Much Awaited Law Commission Verdict

It’s here! The much-anticipated advice from the Law Commission on the application of smart contracts in the legal industry...

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