Lawfully Good News

The Rise of Legal Subscription Services

You can't swing a gavel without hitting a legal subscription service these days! Our ongoing quest for convenience and accessibility has contributed to the meteoric rise of legal subscription services as a solution to streamline the delivery of legal services. Discover our Flamingo Subscription today.

6 Strategies to Keep Your Legal Spend Under Control

Reducing legal spend is an art form. We tackle 6 strategies for in-house lawyers to reduce legal costs and ease the pressure facing their function.

IPO Explained: The A to Z of an Initial Public Offering

For some, an IPO is a fervent dream. We discuss how to make that dream a reality, from preparing the business to floating on the stock exchange.

Strategic Planning Tips for CFOs

CFOs have the mammoth task of building the financial future of a company. We tackle strategic planning tips for CFOs to build something extraordinary.

Outsourcing Pros and Cons: How to Save Time and Money

You have enough on your plate. We tackle outsourcing pros and cons, and outline the nitty gritty of saving much needed time and money.

What do we Mean When we say Horizon Scanning?

We tackle the pros, the cons, and the challenges of horizon scanning; and outline how teams can use horizon scanning to their advantage.

CBDCs: What are They and Why is the UK Embracing Them?

We tackle CBDCs, the UK government's love affair with them, and the pros and cons of central bank digital currency.

FCA Consumer Duty: How Financial Services Firms Are Impacted

As the deadline for the FCA Consumer Duty Principle looms forward, we tackle how it impacts financial services firms, and what businesses need to be aware of.

How to Build a Legal Team: Tried and Tested Truths

With insights from Onfido, we tackle how to build a legal team, from getting buy-in, to building a legal function that can scale.

When Should you use a Convertible Loan Note?

A convertible loan note can be a handy asset for start-ups to generate money, but what are their advantages and disadvantages? We break it down.

When Should you use an Advance Subscription Agreement?

In this blog, we discuss advance subscription agreements - when to use them, when not to use them, and the benefits that lie in wait.

Government Update to SEIS Tax Relief: How do UK Businesses Benefit?

The UK gov has announced changes to its Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme or SEIS. What does this mean for your business? And how can you make the most of it?

Raising Equity Investment: A 7-Step Guide

In this 7-step guide we explain the process of raising equity investment. From getting your house in order, to post-completion matters, we cover it all. 

I Need to Raise Money, What are my Funding Options?

How can you raise money for your business? We tackle equity financing, convertible loan notes, and more.

High Court of England and Wales Permits Service by NFT Airdrop

The courts have allowed a service via NFT airdrop. But what does this mean for the future of NFTs in a legal setting?

DAOs Explained: What Are The Benefits of DAOs?

What are the benefits of DAOs? And when should you stick to traditional business structures? In this blog we break it down in simple terms.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, or DAOs: The Basics

First there were NFTs. Then there was Metaverses. Now it’s all about DAOs. If you are familiar with the Web 3.0 space...

What's Involved In Selling a Business? A Step By Step Guide

How do you go about selling your business? How do you navigate legal hurdles? And how do you get the most value for something you’ve worked so hard to build?

Financial Inclusion and ESG: Making Fintech Equitable

You may have increasingly heard mention of the phrase “financial inclusion”. As many seek to engage with ESG investing...

Crypto Crash: The End of Stablecoins? Not for HM Treasury

Many believe the recent crypto crash to be the nail in the coffin for the crypto bubble. Many, barring HM Treasury...

Five Tips to Simplify the FCA Authorisation Process

So you’ve got a business idea and you’re going to go for it. But you realise that by doing it, you’re going to have to be authorised...

The Regulatory Alphabet: Breaking Down Financial Regulation Jargon

There’s no industry quite like financial services when it comes to acronyms and abbreviations. We end the jargon with the A to Z of regulatory terms.

What is Web 3.0 and How Does it Impact Financial Services?

Web 3.0 has dominated mainstream media. But what is it? And how is it set to impact financial services? We break down web 3.0 in simple terms.

White Label Fintech Solutions: Why They Matter

The fintech sector is growing globally; and with it, fintech solutions. We discuss white-label fintech solutions and how they're set to impact the sector.

Bitcoin Rises to the Stock Market in the Form of an ETF

Blockchain and its related technologies have burst onto scene this year, but it’s understandable if...

Building a Culture of Accountability: Henry Ford and the FCA

What can we learn from Henry Ford when building a culture of accountability? Our regulatory experts dive into the historic entrepreneur's ethos.

The WFH Problem: Unconscious Bias and Hybrid Working Issues

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a global overhaul in working practices, with many employees trading in the morning commute...

Top Five Legal Considerations When Dealing with NFTs

In this blog, we're going to cover some of the legal issues relating to NFTs, and what you should be aware of.

Thinking about EMI options? Here's what you need to know

EMI options can be a great way of attracting and retaining top talent. But there's more than meets the eye with the EMI share option scheme...

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls on SEIS and EIS

For startups, raising money is key to ensuring they ‘kick start’ their business. Attracting investors...

Medical Device Regulation Commission 2021 Updates

In this article, we discuss the 2021 updates to the medical device regulation commission. Read on to understand how the MDR impacts you.

Getting Your House In Order for Series A

Your Series A round is probably going to be the first time you and your business comes under the scrutiny of an institutional...

Tech Startups: Recruiting Your First In-house Lawyer

At the beginning, a lawyer is not going to be on your radar, but pretty soon your tech startup will need a legal expert. We explain what you should be aware of.

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