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Retail Rivalry: The M&S vs. Aldi Disputes

M&S and Aldi have been in the IP news again the last couple of weeks. This case highlights the importance of protecting your intellectual property as a business, whether that be designs or brands.

IP Ownership: Who's The Boss?

We quite often get asked who owns IP rights in the employee vs employer relationship. In this article we look at what the UK legislation position is and how employers can address IP rights with workers.

Will people take the Mickey now US copyright has expired in Steamboat Willie?

There has been some interesting news in the world of copyright law this week. It is now the case, as of 1 January 2024, that it is possible for individuals and companies to rework and use the earliest version of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

International Registrations Designating the UK: Explained

A recent case has raised question marks for holders of international trade mark registrations. Our experts weigh in on what it means for IRs designating the UK.

Trade Mark Registration: What to Think About

A trade mark helps set your business apart from the crowd, but it helps to know what can actually be registered, and what can be protected. Let's explore...

Intellectual Property and How to Protect it

From trade marks to copyright, there's quite a lot to consider when protecting your intellectual property. We break down IP, and how to protect it.

How to Stop Other People From Using Your Company Name

Do you have a copycat sniffing around your company name? Frustrating, right? In this article, we explain the steps you can take to protect your company name. 

How to Register a Trade Mark: A Three-Step Guide

Registering a trade mark is key to protecting your intellectual property. But what does the registration process look like? We break it down in simple terms.

Legal Tips for Businesses: Social Media Stumbling Blocks

Social media is a powerful tool for business, but it can also go very, very wrong. We break down the do's and don'ts of using social media for business.

Counterfeit Goods: What Are They? And How Can You Stop Them?

Counterfeit goods are damaging to both your brand and reputation, but it can also be harmful to consumers and the economy. So what should you do?

What is a Trade Mark?

Save for dry and boring dictionary definitions, in essence, a trade mark does what it says on the tin. It marks your ‘trade’. In other words, it...

Del Boy and the Intellectual Property Issue

In a precedent-making decision, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court ("IPEC") has just decided that the fictional character Del Boy...

NDAs Explained: The Importance of Confidentiality Agreements

You may have heard of Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”), but how do they actually work? We explain how to keep your trade secrets, secret.

Inky IP: The Intellectual Property Rights of Tattoos

As tattoos have made their way to the main stage, so too have intellectual property quandaries related to the art form. We explain the IP of your tattoos.

Social Media and Intellectual Property Challenges

Social Media can contain a ton of intellectual property (IP) and it’s not always free to use. We explain the do's and don'ts of managing social media.

Royally Screwed: Elizabeth Emanuel's IP Battle to Reclaim Her Name

On designing a dress that made royal wedding history, Elizabeth Emanuel became a household name. We discuss the intellectual property issues that came after.

Companies and Copyright: Memes and the Intellectual Property Issue

The copyright of memes is an often overlooked issue. And yet, get it wrong, and you could face costly intellectual property issues. We explain all...

Bad Faith: Banksy's Legal Battle and Intellectual Property

When Banksy stumbled in trade mark trouble, many wondered what caused the "bad faith" assertion. Our intellectual property experts explain all...

A Whistle-Stop Tour of NDAs

You’re working hard to build your business. You’re speaking to a prospective partner or supplier and need to share confidential...

Social Influencers: Don't Make A # Of It

Affiliate marketers and social influencers are a new and popular way of attracting customers. But, there are legal rules when it comes to influencing customers.

Are Your Trade Secrets Really Secret?

When top-secret information is involved, it's important to have legal protections in place. We outline how to keep your trade secrets, secret.

Intellectual Property in Software

Are you a tech-savvy entrepreneur who has developed the next big thing? We explain how to protect intellectual property within a software product.

Top Intellectual Property Tips for Brand Protection

As entrepreneurs we understand that establishing your brand is a time-consuming, costly and crucial...

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